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SCP FM - Dead Chat


that’s why i hardclaimed lmao


but don’t mind the rolelist saying that im just a bus driver




Simon is proven innocent from math


lowkey shadow being pocketed

invited Maxwell #747


Hey guys!!


Just looked into the classlist.
Wow DatBird really got duped.
Seems likely my losing streak will continue.


That occupation on NP may have changed the course of the game. Unless he is scum. Not sure who he swapped out for as he’s not in the rolelist.


Town started the game so well. That 4-town-death night 2 probably ended it though.
More scum left than I thought.


Any thoughts on my performance?


i don’t care, I only joined this game to reveal as IC day 1, lynch a wolf and then get SPK’d N1 :^)

can we talk about the fact that I actually randed IC when I made jokes about it pregame though


Only if I killed shurian/NP…


All but one on my wagon were scum . . .

Wow the game had ended long before.


It ended when I had to modkill 3 town


At this point town are kingmakers unless shadow doused mafia and detonates,but he probably died tonight,and if mafia copped nuclear he’s dead tomorrow


Did you end replacing Simon?


Are you allowed to reveal in here the reasoning for each modkill?


I’m waiting for Luxy to respond, since UNFORTUNATELY they don’t have a discord account.


All of them except Lightsin were ‘Replaced out and I was unable to find a replacement’