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SCP FM - Dead Chat


Found it in my history


Just opened it on mobile number went up. Will have to open on my PC


Number went up on PC he must have disabled tracking or something or maybe it’s only available to the author. Will take a screenshot of what Geyde will need to look for.



It Simon disables tracking just to open the spreadsheet that’s dedication to cheating

Still cheating tho


No google or geyde did. Not Simon. Simon couldn’t have.


Looks like Tracking got taken out by google and you can only see who is active when they have it open. Lame :frowning:


Number is still best bet but I’d bet money Simon didn’t cheat.


Can’t stalk ppl anymore


That’s creepy, I can see why they disabled tracking


They should have a log of people who came in and viewed the document IMO, that would be genius if they implemented that


Some businesses need that but regular people generally don’t.


Forum tracking isn’t accurate either
he could just copy and paste the link into a new tab


hey noobs lol


simon would never cheat


actually wolf bus driver, saved Shuri from death



ok ok im secretly scum


We still love you for it


i am scum though


i never bus drove anyone


whatever i claimed was what i was flipped as