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SCP FM - Dead Chat


No dead interaction so go nuts :stuck_out_tongue:

[FM] SCP Forum Mafia [GAME END] - The Fire Rises - (4/23)

:frowning: I have sads. :frowning: I did SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. That’s what I get for trying to work on critical projects and this and friend stuff. I did so horribly.


At least I got the masons to out to scum :slight_smile:

Role List

Isaac_Gonzalez - Two way bus driver
GamerPoke - VT
Zone - Scum Fall Guy / Witch
Simon - Gravedigger
SCP-049 (PoisonedSquid)- VT
Sam17z - Anomaly Detector / 1-shot tracker
Shurian - Scum Fullcop
Lightsin - Doctor
Boss110 - Scum Leader (Bulletproof Neighborizer/Drug Dealer)
Maxwell - Jailkeeper
Nerbins - MTF Cop
H_Hjasik - VT
Luna - 1-shot Bulletproof
SCP-096 (Magnus) - Weak 1-shot vig
Meteoro - 3-shot cleaning vig
WazzaAzza - Limited Joat
Firekitten - VT
NuclearBurrito - Neutral Killer
ShadowExtreme - MTF Arsonist
Icibalus - MTF Inno Child
MathBlade - Mole
DatBird - VT
Mercenary - Scum Claimvig


I’ll be honest, the first post kinda screwed you

It felt like you were trying too hard. If you didn’t really refer to the mole, I’d assume that it’d be a different outcome


This is the entire rolelist ^^


First post was fine. It was more I pushed too hard at the end. I always crumb like that town or scum. 3333 was my flavor number


I didn’t see the end game



Scums are:



I almost replaced out perhaps I should have :frowning: but I have never been traitor before. I wanted to soooo bad


The only SCP in the entire setup is Nuclear who is SCP-106

Okay minus claimvig


That feeling when you’re so wrong you’re right. I had Boss and Zone nailed as scum but I thought Kitten was scum signaling me the entire time. :frowning:


He had you pegged fairly early as scum, so he was actually trying to fake signal


It worked beautifully but don’t tell him :frowning: I like literally signalled to him so many times :frowning: Like 1 dog 5 cats. Oh there’s 5 scum and one traitor…Arf. That’s what started the dog bit.

geyde u made a mistake

it was your son

nah jk

the mistake

scum fullcop*


Icibalus dead
Firekitten dead
Isaac dead
Mercenary dead

These are the projected thingamajigers


I like all that death <3


Makes my fuck ups worth it


met’s abilities kill, right


nvm isaac fucked up