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Scorned Scorned Scorned Scroned, complete sentence


I’m sorry, but I have not won a single Scorned game. I’m bad, so bad. Tell me your secrets


Play bad, get new class.


If you want to go for a normal-ish strategy, claim princess, flirt someone a couple days in as something that contradicts their classtype, and disguise them to match (e.g. flirt a phys claim as Sp/I and disguise them as CL/MM.) This has the advantage of definitely not contradicting the game type.

If there aren’t any leads, I sometimes TB my mark to throw obviously fake suspicion and get them upped for being wrong.

For slightly more unconventional strategies, you can claim something that’s not investigative – e.g. claim alch, get a mark on a random sus person, and then say you bombed someone and they were DI. This stands up to princess checking and covers for your own immunity. CW can also work for this (“emp [knight claim]: AIDED”) but people will expect you to have some tornadoes, making it harder to fake.

If you can figure out who the evils are, you may be able to work with them to get BD marks exe’d, or alternatively throw suspicion on them and then mark them.

If it’s mid-to-late game and people are suspicious of you, you can open-claim scorned, prove yourself with a TB, and try to convince them to go for evils. This won’t work early game, since scorned is harmful to BD, but later on they often can’t spare the trial to exe you.

More niche-ly, if a maid is upped using you as a match in their logs, they’re definitely fake, and you can sometimes mark them the next night, out yourself/TB someone, and get them exe’d. Don’t do this if there’s still a prince alive.


I thought it was some kind of had had had had had had phrase


It was

Scorned is a noun, adjective and verb

A Scorned (class) Scorned (action) a Scorned (adjective) Scorned (class)