Scorned needs infinite disguises

Topic says it all, scorned is hard enough as it to only have 2 uses of the only ability that gives them any credibility as an investigative.

What do you say?

She only needs 1. The second is a spare.

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Scorned doesn’t need to be credible, they just need to see 2 marks go off. They need to be just credible enough that they see 2 marks pop. They disguise once, get a mark. Frame and get that mark, and win. Sure, they are outed as scorned but they don’t need to live after 2 marks.

This is false.
It is not impossible to win as scorned. There are two strats that both work okay. Either spam frame until you connect and then aggressively disguise, or disguise twice from the start and convince BD that you are an invest. You could also aggessively disguise and then just frame. Not that hard.

tbh Disguise should be infinite use because it’s so fun but get occed or hit jailed target and you’re screwed


you never need more than one.
sure there is a bit of luck, but with skill, the class is not too hard to win with.

scorned is pretty universally considered hardest class

scorned is pretty universally considered hardest class

No its not Sorc is way harder to play also try playing Alch in a game of neuts out people, You just cant so that could make Alch the hardest class in the game, Is it? No its not just like scorned

Scorned is not very hard at all. There are strategies to secure a 60%+ winrate as scorned, which is higher than many classes.

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Exactly giving it infinate disguises would make it quite unfair

And unnecessary.

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well i want more disguises bc its my fav ability

So? Just because you like it doesn’t make it good.


So your saying make something unbalanced in order to make you happy? No

infinite disguises arent unbalanced

Infinite disguises are definitely unbalanced, and it’s definitely unneeded for a strong class like the Scorned. ^ _ ^

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the maximum possible successful uses of disguise would not change so I fail to see how it’s unbalanced