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Scorned loses if they mark themselves as second target and get executed


I just played a game where Scorned disguised Hunter as Assassin, then got redirected into disguising THEMSELVES as Mastermind. We executed him but he lost =(

Would have been cooler if he won :upside_down_face:


This feels more like #bug-reports tho


Itโ€™s kinda like you marking a hunter as scorned then getting stowed

You die before they are lynched


wait no

That would work like last time they donโ€™t have that anymore


Still good example cause you die technically


While it might not be the most satisfying resolution. It is consistent with other similar win conditions such as the Inquisitors.

If we change the interaction to be like mercs then if you mark a target the night you die and that target gets lynched then you would win. It is subjective if this is a good thing or not