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Scorned hung 2 disguised targets but still lost


So I just played a game where I was Possessor, I asked Scorned to disguise two people as MM for me. I pretended to surveille them as MM and we executed both. Both showed up as MM, but the first one was actually MM so I’m wondering if that caused a bug and it didn’t count towards the Scorned’s win condition since he was disguised as the class he already was?

Was very disappointing to see Scorned actually lose after making such great plays which according to the class card should have given him the victory


I thought only the frame ability marks the target. Than you have to up your marked target. The disguise is only there to make it like you’re confirmed


Actually any night ability would Marked the target for 1 day!


it’s possible the Scorned lied (unlikely) or didn’t notice she got occupied on the first disguise but I would really like to know


Didn’t know that. Thanks!