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Scorned and Fool Reworks


Okay so most people find fool really annoying so I’m gonna try to make it not annoying

Fool, Neutral, Social :thought_balloon:

Passive 1: Tricky Trickery - You are occupation/target change immune, but you won’t come up to that to you’re occupier/target changer

Passive 2: Poor Fellow - Will now only take 1 day for a new lynch to happen

Day Ability 1: Trollbox - Same

Night Ability 1: Deceive - Same

Night Ability 2: Protective Troll - Heal you’re self from attacks, 2 use, (note: if you do this and someone tried to occupy/target change you, they will gain a message saying you are immune to that)

I feel like scorned needs some changes soo

Scorned, Neutral, Social :thought_balloon:

Passive 1: Resolve - Immune to attacks and occupation/target change, will not appear to be occupy/target change immune to occupier/target change

Passive 2: Failure - If both you’re targets die after night 1 you will leave the kingdom, (note: if both targets die night 1 you will get 1 new target)

Day Ability 1: Trollbox - Same

Night Ability 1: Frame - Same

Also gonna add my converted version ideas cause why not?

Note: Scorned that won wouldn’t be convertible

Feedback/suggestions are appreciated


Great job

Scorned that already won should not be convertable


Yup they shouldn’t forgot to add that in


Good job though :slight_smile:

Going to go to bed cause tiredness


Okay thanks!


Why? The current hide is fine.

Fool shouldn’t be convertible. Its goal is to die.

Everything else is fine


Hide isn’t fine cause there are basically 4 abitlies that prevent a visit.

Prince sage merc fool


Prince, Sage, Merc, Fool, Poacher, Sellsword, Enforcer actualy.


Ya ya ya

A lot of classes Ik Ik


I don’t inherantly mind fool being convertable. while it should and would be the last choice for unseen to knowingly convert it makes sense. That being said I don’t think a punishment for executing the converted fool should exist. The concept of punishing BD for succesfully killing someone who obviously is working against them that the fool is, is bad IMO, but ramping that up to punishing them for executing someone who is litterally unseen… is just too far IMO.


win cons?


For the converted forms it is exactly the same as unseen

For the norm ones they still have their regular win con


that still doesn’t solve the main problem we have with Fool :confused:


The current hide outs you they know you weren’t jailed, you don’t have a merc, it’s very unlikely to have any unseen class that can block, so they will auto assume it’s a fool in most cases

What does that have to do with it being able to be converted? Conversion immunity is just making it 100x harder on poor cult and unseen, sure some classes have to be unconvertible but not classes like scorned, fool, and alch


It doesn’t but it helps (assuming you’re talking about how annoying the poor fellow passive is)


No it’s the concept of fool


Well that is true but then converting a fool would be terrible for the unseen, like lynching a fool would be 10x better than converting one in that sorta way


TO me at least the way I saw it, the main point was to lessen the pain if you hit, the alc, then the jailed guy then the fool etc… It’s not a conversion you’d strive for, but it doesn’t leave you undermanned if you happen to hit one.

also the one situation it may indeed be worth converting, is if his fool act completely backfired and BD has chosen to ignore him.


I would only support a fool convert if he doesn’t trigger the cooldown for conversion.



He will now!