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Scales of Justice Reroll - Mafia Chat


its good to get rid of the doctor.


hello? @Marluxion


That’s true, good kill target


yeah, sorry for ping. lets do it.


sorry cloudie
it’s basically me or you
you should say you think i’m mafia for voting you and try to get me lynched tbh


no one will expect you bussing me but they’ll totally expect me bussing you

you essentially have to kill geyde tonight


If you do end up living and i get lynched
make sure to kill Geyde tonight and Marcus the next night if you survive


im so sorry

invited Marcus_Doodalee #29

invited Firekitten #30


wait did you just forgot to send this




He thought Geyde was cop PogChamp


Why does cop cover work when it’s so obvious


This is one of those funny scenarios where all the uninformed people have a chance of seeing luxy as cop for the way they acted towards marl but mafia are like “they Can’t have a red check on me”


@bluestorm you didn’t send the mafia kill polls like you did the night previously

Where is your consistency


I wasn’t on at the time, I had social business to take care of

After that, well, yeah that’s my bad. Woulda been like 4 hours left but not really an excuse.


She’s a new player

How is she supposed to know how to send an action


See above


In that situation you extend the night