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Say something pretty much everybody knows about you


Ez found scum /vote Ici


my therapist says I have to take a pill every time I hear the word ITAs
this obsession is apparently harmful


No u

/vote Hjasik


What are ITAs again


Something that murders you when you roll Mafia.


Here it’s a nationally respected uni of exact sciences so when I first read the post I thought some serious shit was going on
then “on nvmd…”


In Threat Attack Windows.
A time where everyone can shoot others with a set percentage at hitting and killing them


most mashes are actually wolfsided
fates was just terribly designed


How to improve My wolf plays?


I’m an avid roleplayer.
Yet I don’t really RP with people here.
Except when there was the DR games


I didn’t mean that. I was more talking about situations where Wolves are getting shot slightly more often then Villages if those weren’t random shots.


don’t SPK marl n1, it’s your job to get village to self-destruct, don’t slank, act like you’re a villager




the thing is that ITAS require a different wolf mindset
you need to focus entirely on getting villa to misshoot, and most wolves on this site are too passive to do that
Alice, Vulgard and PKR were the MVPS of the Fates wolves for that reason


also remember that time when Hippo hero shot half the wolfteam as third party
that was fun


Fates 2 when


Also Ici I need a replacement for elemental again x.x


You love the flowchart tho, right?


Uhuh, just waiting where in next Fire Emblem Mash i will roll class that is Lance Cavalier unit, hooray! :roll_eyes:


I’m a human.