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Say something pretty much everybody knows about you


I follow NBA and lebron is my father


Marluxion is my forum father, not my biological father


oh god no.


Are you sure son?


Why is PSAT depressing as hell ;-;

my back hurt .-.


PSAT in taiwan?


I like the browns and Baker is the savior



Oh boy



Welp, in another country UwU


SAT is worse

With an essay there goes your whole day

If you do it right you’ll leave with a raging headache lol


I cannot wait for smash ultimate.

Ten fucking days

Can I survive till then?




Hey, at least our class finished the test 30 min earlier :eyes:



ultimate smash leak.

this is proof to show you how easy it is to leak smash bros as my dad is at Microsoft.


You know that I was legit confused the very first time I heard you reference this.


I like jellybeans


Holy shit why does your pfp look like Solic’s?

Oh you’re brothers in arms, makes sense.


The reapers are slowly taking over.

make a reaper scum faction


Make an SFOL and get someone to host it



Gom play VC TOL with me