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Say something pretty much everybody knows about you


Gib it a couple more days and you’ll be fine


I’m amused lol


Hi amused, I’m Marcus


I’ve run out of things to say because most things I say about myself aren’t in such public areas


I like video game

That’s a thing I can say


That joke again.


For [x], [y], and [z] reasons.

Or just go for that value self-deprecating humor :^)


I like avatars with swords


I like pokemon games for their strategic value


i get way too emotionally invested in shit


Firekittens are made out of fire and kittens


I thought it was lies and mittens.


Moles are not blind and can sort of swim pretty good


In GoT, mercenaries were only people who received money to battle. If they did some dirty thing such as switching sides for who bet more, they would be named sellswords.




I don’t understand a word of what you said


Nothing happened




sans would never say this I’m literally crying and shakign rn omg