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Say something pretty much everybody knows about you


My platonic friendship feels disrespected.


You keep telling yourself it’s Platonic. My fan fiction says otherwise :heart:


(oh no pic)


oof Reaper was friendzoned

can i get 50 likes for our fallen brethren


but hey you had nothing to do with it


yeah but these likes help me grow my youtube channel


stealer grrrrrr


I like cats


I work overnights


I work your mother overnights :wink:


I also, do love cats.


I play Overwatch


I am allergic to cat meanwhile I can’t stop petting them.


I also play TS4




The Sims 4


also I was doing a 20+ bedroom house so maybe we can do the classical forum household thingy


England is my City


unfortunately the forum household thingy will be done without expansions or CC


You mean, there are no expansions that cost as much as the base game and only give a few items that are only aquirable via the expansion, and are blatantly overpowered?

I cri every tim