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Say something pretty much everybody knows about you


Oh boy I can’t wait for Aatrox rework

Urgot rework was amazing, they turned him from a dude with little legs to a badass

Same with the last hero(forgot his name)
They turned him from an old man with a bird to a General with a Hawk.

Anyway Braum best boi. His CC almost rivals Nautilus, and 1 melee attack can screw you over.


I thought Aatrox is reworked already.


He was? It’s been so long since I’ve touched league



I like to write stuff and dislike it the following week


I love the person above


Merc is my weak point


You two should get a room

And install a web camara for a livestream


I just realized you two joined the same day.



Yes. It was a coincidence.


Well huh.
Whaddya know.


I’m under 18 sir


I’m sans from the hit indie game undertale
and i got a boner


do do-


Tf is this


d d D a g# g f e d e f


like and subscribe


I got a wife and kids to feed


what’s yo yt


faze epic gamer doge sans yt