[RP] Turn Based Shu Shu Wars - {Applications}

More stats. Less taxing.

Shurian is not amused.

The First Round starts upon 4 sign ups.
Backstories not required. Though, backstories can help host prep skills that are appropriate to your character.


Level: 1
Class: ??
Range: Melee/Ranged (1/2)
Skills: {To be decided by host}
Trait: {To be discussed with host}
Stats: {Will be given to you in your chat}

StAtS? How does that work?

Think of it as the point buy system in DnD.

Stats can be allocated into these…

Mechanics will be displayed in due time.
However, note. This is a turn based game.

Also… Pick your Poison

  • PvE (Coop)
  • PvP (Coop in Teams… if there’s enough people.)

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Maybe… this?

To indicate a join… just do a /in or /join or… whatever you want! Just ping me along with it! :3
Shu shu is Shu shu.
And Shu shu has list of people who joined!

Entering the Fray

  1. @Magnus
  2. @Emilia
  3. @Soulshade55r
  4. @Simon
  5. @GamerPoke
  6. @Kai_5
  7. @Reaper
  8. @SirDerpsAlot
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ThIs ReMiNds Me Of SoMeThInG

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No. It reminds me of my active rp

/in regardless

Yours is not on the board esque type, more of the open air type.
Like I’ll have my chess board and algorithms to help me, i think yours is atk def? I’m not too sure about that

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Cool. I’ll /in

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Do I do it now?

In a PM that I’ll send to you XD


Oh ye I need to @Shurian

Coming! :3
Was at work

/in @Shurian


I’ll set your page up in a jiffy!

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After… I bathe.

Don’t worry I might want a small nap (only had around 4 hours sleep) so take your time

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for skills ill let you know on a general playstyle i go for.
its general enough that it shouldnt be restrictive on you.

/In @Shurian


need to keep myself occupied

Most people do that. Or at least I find my IRL very boring currently that’s why I do things to make me occupied.

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Why is there 9 votes when there are 6 players