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RP Polling. Questions!


Hey guys! Before I go back to the RP forums, I have some questions! (Because I don’t want to let more RPs die D:). Please help me answer these broad categories.

Forums or Discord?

Both Discord and Discourse have their pros and cons. What are everyone’s preferences? Please state why as well. :smiley:

Time Preferences? Pace Preference?

People live in different parts of the Earth, having their own timezones and more.
Some complain that the RPs go too fast, and they miss out on the action, and thus their character is stuck in this awkward situation that they don’t know how to come back into the picture.
But if left too long, gamemaster goes inactive, It’ll end like another RP Disaster. [Lookie me.]
So I want to get everyone’s preferences on these 2 major things, lest we churn rainbows out of our blood.
Paces include One-shot (Kablam 4 hours), Short-term (2 to 4 days), Middling…(1 week to 3.) Long-term (Millions of years… you get it.).

Topic Preferences, Story Progression.

Suggestions, please! School? Fantasy? Detective? There’s so much more!
For Story Progression, there is a PM version that I’m working on, and would anyone want to try?
Also, would you prefer a rigid story progression (inflexible unchangeable outcomes, headache for players and frustration…?) or a flexible one (more chaotic, more headache for GMs).


This can only be done if a bot is made for it. (I still feel the horrors of managing 7 people at once) Do you want such a bot to be in our forums? And would you approve of statistics in an RP?
To what extent would you include the statistics? Do you have any suggestions for statistics to be included in an RP?


What are your preferences? Dark? Light? Comedic? Serious?
I prefer light comedy.
Don da yo!

Amount of Gamemasters

More than 1? Or just 1? What would you want to see from them? List your expectations from a Gamemaster.

Character types.

This is your preference. What type of characters would you prefer to play?
What would you think of the alignment system?
What type of personalities would you like to see in future RPs?

The flippant drunk shouldn’t always be the smartest and strongest one. The ordinary does not mean that they are hiding the biggest, most obvious secret in the world. Neither will the dubbed “one” be the best person in the world.

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OwO hai Shuri!

I no interested in RP. Just saying hai


  1. Whatever. I just never DMed on Discord because I don’t know how it is like.
  2. UTC -3. I’ve personally never played a rp that wasn’t long term with the exception of one that was middling (and the only rp I’ve played that ended).
  3. No school, seriously, no fucking schools. And whilst I’m more of a medieval type of person sometimes it is great to play other stuff. Also it isn’t a rp if it doesn’t have flexible progression.
  4. I don’t think a bot could do more than seeing the post count per rp, average post length and most used words.
  5. I’m not a fan of comedy and I particularly preffer dark.
  6. Definetively more than 1 on forum rp to account for different timezones. Coordinating between themselves whilst being independent from eachother is essential.
  7. I’m pretty flexible but I usually preffer to make characters who have a restriction of some sort. Vow of truthtelling, a broken arm, etc. Also don’t use alignments unless you are playing a system that requests them mechanically (such as some d20s on some niche magic items, spells and races).
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  1. Discord; lot easier to move around in the rp with dyno bots than private messages

  2. CST UTC-6:00. Only rp I did was middling, but that worked out fine, so I’d vote middling.

  3. I personally don’t mind, so long as it gives us a decent story and a lot of good areas to rp in.

  4. Could use a bot that could move us around easier like Dyno.

  5. Has to fit within the story/setting. However I’d prefer a more dark tone.

  6. Like Mercenary said, more than 1 for timezones. Also can split the work, making it easier for the head gamemaster.

  7. I’d prefer someone that is just fun to play as.


!. I prefer forums because its easier to read up on everything, find where you left to get back in Recalls the many times I used the reply to specific person function. But discord might be an option as well, depending how its done I think it might work.

  1. UTC+2 (CEST or GMT+2). I like longer stories so middlin g or longer so we can have meaningful character devleopment and things happen (Im a TV > movie guy).

  2. No schools IM DONE WITH EM (well hs atleast), beyond that I like medieval, future, present, earth, not. I think I prefer flexible over rigid, but havenmmt done a soklid rigid one yet.

  3. I have no idea

  4. I prefer dark. what do you mean with serious vs comedy? I suppose I prefer serious.

  5. Depends on the specific gamemaster and their qualities, 2 could complement each other, cover more timezones if the RP is big and has people spread out over multiple timezones. I would likely go for a CO GM if I had to GM :stuck_out_tongue:

  6. Im happy with the system, but sometimes its hard to place myself and my characters behaviour according to their alignment I suppose, but thats cause Im a noob oof.

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if ur making an rp, i’ll join. idc what it is, i trust ur story making skills

i just prefer to have more than 1 gm for different time zones

(hope im not necroing anything)

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Currently doing a long-term RP with Dama on another site and so far it’s doing super great. (Though the pace is super SUPER slow compared to this site.)

I may or may not try one of these later on. Though I may try things like…

  • Have everyone give a goal or character development to advance in this story.
  • Power ups will only be given through asking.
  • OOCs will be greatly used. Debates and stuff will happen there.

definitely seems interesting, just shoot me a dm if you ever need more players

however, i am a bit uncertain on going to other sites if you ever choose to use it in the future, as unfamiliar sites are, well, unfamiliar and might cause me to forget to check there which may cause inactivity

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