[RP] Pokémon- Character Notes

All NPCs will be added here.
Will be updated as you learn about them.
So don’t worry if you miss anyone.
Do not post here.

Name - Alec Ardere
Pokémon - Fletchinder
Physical Description - A boy with black ink hair with a red streak. He wears an army jacket.
Personality - A cruel streak, someone who clearly enjoys bullying.
Backstory - ???

Name - Magnus Apollon
Pokémon - Pikachu
Physical Description - A boy with fair skin and messy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and can be seen squinting at far away objects without them. He wears a black jacket with jeans and combat boots.
Personality - An unfriendly boy, not much is known about him as of yet.
Background - ???

Name - James Cascade
Pokémon - Squirtle
Physical Description - A boy with thin golden hair except for two thick strands that go into his green eyes. He wears a gray jacket, parting to show a white shirt. He wears blue jeans.
Personality - Rather likeable and easy to get along to, he’s not a fan of violence.
Background - ???