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Royal Guard {Reposted}


also the first part is two points cause class thing and whispers I had a problem with

I think you missed one tho


hint win Condition


.25 points off for late work


oof I skipped that

-100000 points for me

so basically this reinforces the idea that having your target killed early on is good. why include it?

A. NK’s get fucked if they killed them
B. you get a full refreshment of stand guard, meaning 6 nights of visit immunity.
C. also just a side note, you never really explained what happens if a Possessor slides into their dms. It counts as an attack, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen old merc.


3.50 points I think


b - well done


honestly wtf was I doing lmao


no idea, I’m equally as confused


Why not randomly choose by system but your choice? You can easily play Evil Detect or Prince/Hunter Detect as this class, and that is harmful to the game experience


I’ll come back once I can actually read it holy wow dude what were you thinking with that yellow


Sellsword prevented visits on selected target only, look at the old YouTube videos and the class card in the tutorial