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Royal Guard (Merc with contract)


Royal Guard {Neut}

Passive 1: extra files - know your contracts exact class at the beginning of everyday. You will see all whispers from and to them. You may not vote up your target and you must always vote pardon on your contract. You may not kill your target either.

Passive 2: finishing what i started - if your contract dies then you will commit suicide in two days unless you kill your contracts killer. This counts by killing your contract yourself or voting execute on trail. (If you do manage to kill your contracts killer then your “stand guard” ability will be refilled)

Day ability 1: Contract - select a player to contract. If you don’t contract someone in the first 2 days then you will randomly be given a contract. You cannot contract any unique classes, only exceptions are CL and Assassin,they can be contracted. If you attempt contracting a unique player then you will get a message saying you can’t

Day ability 2 : paying attention - know who visits your contract tonight [4 uses]

Night ability 1: stand guard - prevent all visitors from you and your contract [3 uses]

Night ability 2: revenge - attack a player that accused your target or attack the player that your target last voted up. if your first contract dies then you can kill anyone and your attacks can go through death immunity. (if you manage to kill your contracts killer then you will be randomly given a new non-unique contract, can only be reassigned a new contract once) [2 uses]

Win con - have 1 of your contracts survive until the end of the game

Bastard {Unseen}

Passive 1: Determined - you are occu and swap immune.

Day ability 1 : paying attention - know who visits a selected Unseen player tonight or your last contracted player [4 uses]

Night ability 1: stand guard - prevent all visitors from you and an Unseen member [unlimited uses]

Night ability 2: betrayer - attack your contract, if the contract is dead or on your team than attack a random target[1 use]

Win con - Defeat the Blue Dragons and any neutrals that seek to do you harm

Notes: I see poeple kinda like the new merc, but also want a class that can contract still in game. So this new mercenary allows you to pick a contract of your choice in 2 days. Allowing the player to get a feel of the players before contracting. Not being able to contract prince was my main goal because then prince would out every game. If your contract does die then you have two days to redeem yourself by killing your contracts killer. This can seem hard but with your day ability 2, you can get a better idea on who it is. Now you might think that this is heavily favor to BD because most of the time your target will die to cult or unseen but if a knight,hunter or even a poss controlling someone then you have to kill them to redeem yourself. If you successfully do kill them then you will be rewarded a random non-unique target as your contract. The RNG new target is a punishment and reward for when your contract dies.


…prioritizing members of the same faction


I like the idea but it shouldn’t be convertable.

And this should be replaced with another ability. A contract class should be primarily support. I’m also against a contract class being able to have 2 targets because it can be used to throw.

You should also not be able to contract non-alch neuts and you should be able to contract the NK


I understand you saying this shouldn’t be convertible but I designed the class so it can have 2 targets and it is very hard to throw with this class