Round Table - Interest Check

It seems that Adiart has had a long rule. The Unseen have long since stepped into the light. The Cult have been overwhelmed and banished from the lands. All is well.

The Alchemist gifted the King with a small bottle of Elixir for his birthday, promised to give endless life to the drinker. Instead, the King was poisoned.
The Prince was with his father as he died. He got his sword, determined that the Alchemist would die. But he had little idea of the corruption in the kingdom.

The castle is torn in two: the Blue Dragon and the Resurgence. Both have the goal of killing the other group.
During the DAY, everyone is in the Courtroom. Communication is free between everyone. Everyone must choose a location to go during the night.
During the NIGHT, players are in a remote part of a castle, the one they selected during the day. Everyone may perform three actions at night (travelling to another part of the castle takes an action).
In addition, players may gain Gold. These can be used to purchase items during the day.

This is an INTEREST CHECK, not Signups.

wow another half assed misc

You can’t exactly say that, playing none of my quick miscs.

i can sense half assed

Yeah, because i’m expected to complete a full, balanced setup before seeing for anyone cares.

i mean this is just flavor and reaaaaly barebones mechanics.

give it a little more thought IMO

Because i’m asking for ideas!

I think what Marshal is saying is that at this level of detail, without more information on what the set-up would entail, it’s difficult for prospective players to evaluate whether it’s a set-up they’d be interested in joining, and so it would be helpful if you could provide more details


I don’t know if that’s how interest checks work.

give it some more… meat

I mean, it’s is pretty simple.

Talk, buy, scavenge (for want of a better word) kill, 3 actions, repeat.

But vegetarian option

If you were a player considering whether to join a Misc, do you think that would be sufficient to allow you to determine whether you would enjoy it?

It’s not Signups.

If I posted Signups, i’d post locations, items, shop prices, card example, et cetera.

then tell us those so we can decide if we are interested or not

Which one first?

all of them

I’m afraid I can’t do that :dagger:

then are you just talking out your ass?

I mean I don’t have time to copy the sixty things in that list all at once.