Roleplaying Sandbox

This thread is a place where you can put in any scenario, any place, any events, and play them out!

Play test your characters here! You do not need to run through your character with me, so have fun testing your characters!

Current Scenario : Center of Maze: Safe Zone

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Maze Runner scenario

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Generating World: Maze Trap

Please feel free to describe the world as you see fit.

So I generate it?

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Yes! Yes!

Something simple.

A giant maze with no end, and monsters crawling around. There are weapons, food, supplies, in the maze, but not enough.
(Simple enough)

Quite a simple maze.

There, in the very smack center, liesin, The Box.

Everyday, supplies come in the Box.
Weapons, Food, Water. Quite good.

But the people were trapped inside. 4 entrances to the maze stood still. And every time morning broke, the doors open, and when dawn fell, the maze closed onto itself, trapping unlucky adventurers within.

Walls of stone towered 50 feet high, making it unscalable.

Who’s the first?

Okay, Waiting for others to join.

Oh. I’ll be first.

OP has been updated

I have! I just added sentences to the second paragraph!!

No it hasn’t.

Also disappearing.

This place was strange. He had woken a few days ago, alone in the centre of a maze he was too scared to traverse.