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  • The four Prisoners were sitting in the back of an armoured van, hands tied behind their back. The windows were blacked out.
    The driver couldn’t be seen, but he was known to be a Guard of some sort. He was driving you to your next prison, Site-14, whatever that was.
    One of the prisoners was Leo Teolan. He was arrested for armed robbery. The second prisoner was Jake Demond, a hi-tech hacker. He was looking away.
    The third prisoner was Alecia Dunback, a hijacker. She was smiling.
    The fourth prisoner was Thomas Rivers. You didn’t know much about him.

Location: Unknown

  • Researcher Aveyerd was standing outside the SCP Site, standing beside Lieutenant Simmons. Researcher Riverine was standing beside Soldier Miller. They were waiting for the next batch of D-Class.

Location: Outside Gate A.

Calendar -

Day One - D-Class arrive.
Day Two - The Sculpture + Tickle Monster
Day Three - CONTAINMENT BREACH (Shy Guy + Hard to Kill Reptile)
Day Four - Old AI

Leo was grinning, despite the circumstances.

“I judge we can get out in… three days,” Leo was saying. “Even this van doesn’t have much security. A locked door? Handcuffs? Give me a challenge!”

Jake looked at Leo as he said “Well… Ummm, hopefully we can get out in 3 days. I don’t want to be locked in here longer than we need to be haha!”

“Dude,” Leo said. “I’ve dealt with security before. This is nothing. Try cracking a bank vault.”

Jack looked down to the floor in sorrow “They’re probably listening to us… oh we’re so bummered.”

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  • Rivers was silent. He was watching Jake. “They’re recording us,” he warned.

Jack looked up and smiled at Leo “Well atleast I can count on you, I probably won’t be much use. Not until later down the line anyway”

Jack looked around and said “I mean we’re probably not getting out, But we can dream can’t we?”

“It’s interesting,” Leo mused. “Also, they shouldn’t be bothering to transport us, right? Death row, right?”

Jack looked at Leo with fear in his eyes “I… I don’t want to die, I can only assume where we’re going won’t be pretty.”

“How did you get the capital punishment?” Leo scoffed with disgust.

Jack paused before opening his mouth “I’m a high tech hacker, I hacked into many private systems and sold information. I was deemed far to dangerous and they didn’t let me back out into society…” Jack looked away from Leo and said “Please no more questions, I’m already uncomfortable with how things are.”

“Shame,” Leo said, grinning widely. “You’re travelling with Leo, and there’s no secrets between us!” He would’ve spread his arms wide if he wasn’t handcuffed.

Jack looked back up at Leo with hope in his eyes “You know your not bad, I’ve always been quite disconnected from others, one thing you should know is I’m a criminal but I’m not a hardened criminal” Jack took a deep breathe before saying his next words “I guess you could consider me a wimp?”

“Depends,” Leo said. “Have you ever put yourself in the line of fire intentionally?”

  • Rivers spoke up. “Quiet,” He said. “I think we’re stopping.”

“Impossible,” Leo snapped. “We’ve been in here for two hours, tops.”

Jack looked up with a look on his face that symbolised he didn’t give a shit “I’ll continue to talk, worst case scenario they will tell us to shut up.”

“Let’s play cool,” Leo suggested. “Until we get untied.”