Rise of Adiart (Part 2)

Continued from…

“Who’s there?”
My voice echoes loud and wide. The forest extending seemingly into the horizon in all directions, with the man in front of me slowly losing the colour of life as his blood steadily flowed out from him.

Of course, I should be doing the obvious. Stopping the flow of blood from his wound should be the one thing on my mind. But yet this… ease, that nothing was wrong was etched into my mind.

Farnilus. Receive the will of Teemo.

I must be hallucinating. Teemo isn’t real. That man is dying. I’m just going t-

This man is fated to be the next King. Guide him well.

The man in front of me? What? It sure doesn’t look like it. It seems more like he’s dying. I however, felt no fear. No anxiousness. It’s like I had taken some of those… anti-depressant potions. Or I may far have gone off the deep end.

Wait. Hold on a minute…

He’s dead.

To be continued.