Rise of Adiart {FanFic Story I}

“Teemo, will guide us all to salvation. All hail Teemo.”

“Did you hear? The war’s getting fiercer… They say it’s over in Meraki…”
“That’s the town over! Man, we must pray to Teemo… pray that the war never comes.”

Why do I still do this? This is not what I should be doing. Even physicians do more than me.
You heard me right. I’m a preacher. By no means am I good at it, but I receive gifts everyday for “hearing the voice of God”. Seriously.

But Faith is all that keeps the people mentally stable in this era of war. I cannot refute this. If it be lies, I will use them to keep the peace in this village.

… “Hmm?”
The night had fallen, and I was but gathering herbs for the physician at the forest, who was swamped with work creating medicine for the plague that had recently spread. It had even claimed one person’s life, I heard.

But enough, there was the smell of blood in the air. Had the war spread here already?

That’s… a person!
He’s injured badly! There was an arrow stuck in his shoulder… he’s bleeding badly…

I don’t think I can save him.
I know next to nothing about medicine. I can’t treat dying people. I’m just a priest. The only thing I do is preach about being faithful to Teemo. And even so, I do not believe in that god.

“Priest Farnilus.”
“Who’s there?” I shout.

To be continued.



Props if anyone found the joke inside.

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Another one.

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We found Teemo [1] dead in the castle this morning

Teemo [1] was an Evil King

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