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(Revive) Priest BD Support, SoulCatcher


I kinda had an idea to revive the priests.
She has such a nice arts, would be a bad idea to not use it.

:shield: The Priest

Blue Dragon Support
** (Night)** - Ressurection - Choose a dead Blue Dragon, if you survive this night, you will gain their abilities. (1 use)
Goal : defeat the Unseen/Cult, along with any neutral who might harm you

:shield: The Soulcatcher

Unseen Offensive
** (Day)** - Soulcatch - Silence a player, they will be unable to speak or to vote tomorrow. (2 uses)
** (Night)** - Disguise - Disguise a player, if they are executed, they will appear as another class. If they are investigated, they will give the results of the class you choose. Can target yourself or other member of the unseen. (Infinite uses)
Goal : defeat the Blue Dragon, along with any neutral who might harm you

So, what do you think ???
This also us to disguise members of the unseen or evil, as Blue Dragon upon death, adding another lawyer of deception in the game.
Also, unlike the old suggestion, the Priests does revive a player, it Become the role of a deceased player.


Guys we did it, we found a way to trick people into putting squire in the game



I totally don’t know what you are talking about
I suspect it is a class with the ability to learn the classes of a dead player


How will this interact with votes?


It won’t.


Problem with that is the same one that happened with Blackmailer from ToS


Yeah, Ik. Bmer from tos sucks.


Could be fixed by adding the clause “Target’s vote will be unable to be changed after they vote tomorrow”


they don’t vote.
its simple. good idea to point…

Also, its not the same as Squire, as the Priest, will stay the Priest, a BD support during the entire.
She gain new abilities. but she stay as support. meaning gaining sheriff abilities will not allow her to see through frames ever.




Tfw the cult convert you but you turn unseen


actually this aint needed…


Sure it is!


I put it there, because I just wanted to make certain that a convert priest gaining for exemple. drunk abilities, would become the Soulcatcher. And not the Alcoholic


Interesting second option… your vote only occurs as a deciding vote.

IE if you vote with 4/6 required, nothing happens. when the 5th vote comes in, your vote becomes visible and the person is voted up. It also only shows your vote once in the pardon/execute vote regardless of if it is switched.


Make this a day ability and call it “Soulcatch” The Flavor text for the Recipient would be “A Reaper or Soulcatcher has frozen you, disabling abilities, voting, and talking for the rest of the day”


reaper does not prevent their target from using day abilities. but from voting.



its just something to make the convert more important.
as its true role, is its ability to disguise anyone, upon execution, even the members of the unseen or himself.