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Return of the Death Game


This Game has only one end: Death.

Previous Games: Ultimate Death Game [Game V: The End]


  1. Type /Join to join.
  2. Type /_____ to submit action.
  3. Death is absolute. I am Death.

Player List:

  1. @GamerPoke
  2. @Magnus
  3. @Boss110

Winners can add a rule of their own. Or should I say, survivors… Heh.
Take note of your pain levels. You may die.


Logic is of utmost importance. Choose your words carefully.



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I kinda have to sleep tho, actually


All actions will be considered when everyone has submitted their actions, so don’t worry about missing a phase.


3 players? yeet.
is this turbo?

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I remembered this

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Got 3.
Boss, you messed up. I’ve been Death in EscapeRoom.



Slots have been filled. Generating Death Area.

@Boss110 @Magnus @GamerPoke

Location Selected: Soccer Field.

All three people are transported to the centre of the field.
A knife drops by at the southeastern corner of the field.
A soccer ball drops onto the northwestern corner of the field.

Please submit your actions.


Magnus was overcome by his nature. He was…
Death Row - When the game starts, you die.
Lol - When you die, everyone else dies.
I won? - When






So everyone sees them?




Everyone indeed sees them.

Also, come back when Gamer comes back. Respect their sleep.


/run for the knife.

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/Sit down


Why though?


/slide in


i wonder what you’re going to wield this time :^)

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