[RESOLVED] Banned - Appeal?

What happened: 1 day ban for “toxic Behaviour” First day was warning. did a drunk stream and got alittle out of hand. I appologize. Second day a player was mad that i won in previous game ( yes i used same name twice) so he got the whole game to kill me (Good king) as a Prince with no leads on DAY 2. I then proceeded to tell everyone to report him and a few bad words i suppose. ( BAN says banned until october 22. It is now oct 22 i waited 24 hours to play and still cant log in…

What was SUPPOSED to happen: The other guy banned? Maybe a timer or a set time on when the ban is lifted?

Also i should probably just keep my mouth shut. I am streaming this game every night, love it. trying to promote it. but im talking too much ingame i suppose…

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. uhh
  2. uhh?
  3. uuuhhh…?

Heya I just posted this - should help. The time is UTC – but yeah, you are right, we should add a TIME. We’ve had this inquiry before. I’ll add it to the backlog ~

Don’t worry, we all have our drunk moments. The average ban is 1 day, unless it’s super bad. The ban should definitely lift within 24 hours, but not exactly sure when. We’ll add that feature soon.

Thanks for the apology tho :wave: I hope you’ll keep streaming and be good :wink: you’re just playing with other humans that want to have fun.


I believe in their FAQ they note that your getting banned doesn’t mean the other guy wasn’t banned. Assuming the prince in your example may very well have gotten banned as well. You’ve basically admitted in your first example you got drunk and were “a little out of hand”. Which implies to me you aren’t denying your own part in the toxic behavior, a 24 hour ban, I’d assume that it would let out at the same time the ban was started (so if it hit at 8PM, your account will be unlocked at 8PM).

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