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Report/Mod System v2.0 - Transparent Practices



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Whenever you report a player at the end of a game, it goes straight into our report queue for moderation. We can automatically detect how high of a priority the report based on numerous aspects, one especially being report history and patterns of behavior that we can now detect automatically to bump/adjust these priority levels. This information we have access to can be found within our privacy policy.

Player History

While FYI’s do not count against your record, we can easily judge the “chances” that the player is a troll before we even see the report:


Although we don’t use this information, alone, to issue disciplinary action – it definitely helps. In the example above, if the user appealed his case saying that they “never gamethrow or intentionally leave”, we can see 66 reports for that category, alone.

We also note your reported-to-games-played ratio. Even after salt reports, the average % is between 1~2%. In the case above, this user is up to 24%: This says quite a lot.


All reports are 100% human reviewed before a disciplinary action is issued. We use a laddered escalation system of volunteers to help aid the human reviews of reports, all hand-chosen by í42 staff:

  • image Guide
    The best community member volunteers were chosen to help others. They may often be found hanging out in Discord’s #ask-a-guide to answer questions to new players, helps with community activities, and also helps review reports and make suggestions. They submit these suggestions and pass them along to a Judge+

  • image Judge
    Promoted Guides that have been with us for a long time and have done exceptionally well with reports, generally 18+ years of age, and a moderator candidate. These volunteer Judges have the ability to FYI, warn, & suspend (lower-tier). For anything beyond this, the report is further escalated to a Mod+.

  • image í42-Moderator
    The right-hand of Imperium42 staff members, these volunteers are the best of the best Judges, hand-chosen, and generally only selected after months of service as a Judge. These moderators are extremely active, deeply participates in the community, and can handle higher-tier suspensions, unbans (appeals), and can even investigate live games for emergencies.

  • image í42-Staff
    For any suspension beyond 7-days, an official, non-volunteer staff member must approve. This includes permanent bans.

Types of Disciplinary Actions

By escalating order:

  1. FYI – Technically not even a disciplinary action - this is not a warning or even recorded at all; just a friendly tip.


  1. Warning - This is official and recorded. Repeating this action may result in a suspension! These only show in the lobby.


  1. Suspension - Closes the game and prevents access to the game. These can even show in-game.


Evidence + The Report Handling Flow

When a Guide+ reviews reports to make a verdict, this is what it looks like:

We have a huge array of logs, filters, report/action history, match info (including the real trollbox authors, whispers, logs), and more.

If the user received a suggestion from a Guide, we post progress and summary in a secret Discord channel with restricted access so that other volunteers may see progress + so that we can quickly act on those, manually, if need. Reports by Judges+ prioritize already-suggested actions to swiftly assist in serving out a verdict:


If the user receives a suspension by a Judge+, we also provide semi-anonymous proof of action in the Discord #justice channel so players know their reports are meaningful (Warning: This channel sometimes contains NSFW evidence):


We have 24/7 support on our Discord for really bad “fix it now” cases. For this, players may ping a @moderator or @Judge to deal with the action. While reports at the end of the game give us the whole story, sometimes a screenshot will suffice.

Judges+ have access to quick, Discord actions of in-game moderation.


What happens to fake/salt reports?

They backfire. Disciplinary action will take a hit on the reporter, instead, if intentional. We’ll know~

Want to become a Guide+?

Simply participate in our community, help others instead of troll, and be active in our Discord (especially in #ask-a-guide). There is no formal application – we’ll come to you with an invite :slight_smile:


Suspended? Warned? Check Here BEFORE Posting/Inquiring!

Someone sure loves cheese. (check the Imgur links if confused)


This is very interesting to look at. It also seems pretty good. Good job!


It seems better than last report system.Keep up the good job.


Ur better than last report system :ok_hand: :joy: :ok_hand:


By the way,is it possible to reveal something like unseen members in logs when dead,then change em while dead and “fool” the report system’s abillity to view old logs?


I’m sure they have a way to check the history of logs. If not, willing to bet your “logs when dead” are logged.

PS: Your avatar of Missile is too cute :wink:




Don’t let me use my mirror reflection.


no u


Whoa! They are going really transparent with all these. I don’t see a single thing I can’t remember.(ex-Guide) The developers are going all out, so do give them a thumbs up!

Just to let the devs know: This transparency won’t go unnoticed. This is a good practice in my opinion and I think you guys will be able to weed out toxicism with this. Keep it up!


Awesome, very interesting!


Thank you Kanye, very cool




So I decided to search up the image of Suspension and Warning… and I got this:


In the Discord, The Banhammer should say

“Someone just received an in-game suspension after being reviewed, following a player report” or something.

The current sentence feels like the player who did the reviewing got the suspension…


This one is even less right though :thinking:We don’t review players, we review the reports.

Something like “Someone just received an in-game suspension after a report was reviewed” would kinda make more sense, even though the current one is fine imo