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Remove Unseen Conversion. Redesign unseen



class balance is designed with conversion in mind


see observer


CW, Sheriff and Paladin are only the most direct examples. The other classes are still made with conversion in mind when determining both overall power and the acceptable amount of confirmability.

For example between maids, sheriffs (or whatever this factions equivalent is), drunks, observers and the King there would be far too many investigatives for just a set number of classes to handle even if 1 or 2 of them appeared BD. And then you have things like the NK’s being stronger and more anti-death (because conversion can get past them so it has counterplay). Overall having 4 starting members and maybe some extra powerful ability’s would not be worth the lack of confirmation reversal, safe player removal (kills are relatively risky) ect.


Make a new third faction similar to the Coven in ToS… A faction centered on controlling people for specific targets or goals. (similar to possessor, not quite the same)

Maybe make their win condition something unusual, like collecting things from specific BD classes that need to be used in a ritual in order to achieve the win condition? Eh I dunno, actually sounds like more work than when I first started thinking about it.