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Remove Unseen Conversion. Redesign unseen


Ok, I kinda exaggerated. What I should’ve said is it doesn’t need something as intense as getting rid of it for unseen altogether. I’ll edit that now.

Update - edited


Alright that’s fair lol


Well, I personally think Unseen conversion is important.
As many people stated this game’s unique quirk is conversion, so saying the Devs don’t like that makes no sense whatsoever. It makes it stand out from many other mafia games, giving it a spot on the market as a twist on the classic.

Also, I’m very confused. You’re saying conversion is luck based, as a complaint to a mafia game which is based on conversion. If you don’t like it, then there are so many alternatives you can play. I’d suggest town of salem if that’s what you’re going for.

@Nanako may I ask why you don’t like conversions and why you thought that asking for removal of a core mechanic in this game is a good solution? There are many people who have joined this due to the unique mechanic we have as a community. So why, for the few, is it a problem that should be taken away from all of us?


Okay but like I already said conversion actually does have massive problems that are completely unavoidable. Pretending otherwise is pointless.

I do agree with you, however, that ToL has carved out a niche for itself because of its conversions, and that removing them from the core game would be a bad idea. Not because there aren’t issues, but because the game stands apart from the crowd due to embracing the positive side of conversions and attempting to deal with the negatives as best it can.


How about keeping conversions in unseen games but have some games that starts without a Mastermind, but with 4-5 other unseen


but then you have the issue of… massively nerfed KPN, classes with useless ability’s, classes with ability’s that are now too strong (due to lack of conversion keeping them in check) ect.

The entire game is balanced around conversion, if you remove it then the game needs to be redesigned accordingly.


I just wanted to note, Conversion isnt a unique mechanic in any way shape or form.

Town of Salem for example has the Vampires who have a conversion Mechanic. (I havent played this in 2 years so maybe its gone since then?)

Anyway, I do like the mechanics of conversion and dont think there really needs to be a change atm. I DO agree however, that the devs are nerfing the conversion mechanics too much with all these new class abils specifically tailored to stop it.


Can’t really compare ToS’s conversion to ToL that literally has converted counterparts for all classes. If anything, it’s ToL’s specific niche.


Yeah most instances of conversion could politely be described as “entirely anti-fun”

This game is an exception

It ain’t perfect, but it is that :+1:


Am I the only one who thinks it would be cool to introduce a (new) third evil faction that doesn’t involve conversion


Wholly depends on what it is. It has to be OP as hell to compete with BD’s inherent OPness built in against conversion.


I don’t think it’s hard to design OP classes


OP yet not swingy and still making BD feel like their actions aren’t meaningless. It’s really not that easy to balance a delicate ecosystem of classes.


Impossible tbh


Be our guest if you think it’s not hard. :slight_smile:



Agreed. Simply make a new faction without conversion. Adds more layers to gameplay as well which is always nice. Plus new classes!


Yeah but… the entire game is balanced around the idea of conversion being a thing


just make a faction that is entirely fools for april fools

BD wins when they realize what is going on


really only sheriff and paladin. Also CW when he gives conversion immunity. If we get another invest class for this new faction than everything should work out.