Remember? {Interest Check..?}

Remember that…

Open-world Sandbox RP?

Discuss here,
Whether you want that back here…
Or let the idea rot in hell.

Good question!
A world where the GMs are the players themselves! Players RP and go into various places without restriction from a pesky little moderator! (Hey Shurian, damn you and your tight little things)
The world is purely based on player’s imagination and expands along with the players!

Whats that

Time to RP for a week and see it dies on it’s on.


Ooh those experienced hosts will be good at this.
But you realise players are going to OP themselves, right?

inter-rper modding is a thing. Keeps everyone in check if people call each other out on bullshit

How does this work .-.

As long as players have the maturity not to we won’t have to :slight_smile:

Like that Lich


In my home community all rps are like that
Other players will simply call you out if you try to make OP or railroady shit. It works pretty well.

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am i interested? yes

will i join? depends

most important rule is not to be afraid to mess up with someone’s else scheme
when you let them lead the scene alone, it feels like GMing
the exception is someone’s NPC. You only control other people’s NPCs by asking them.

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Ew that lich

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