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Remaking the Maid/Handmaiden into a Social Class


Maid Blue Dragon Social
Day Ability:
Nosy Servants (3 use):
Discover at the end of night if a player visited another player at least once, can be used on dead players.

Peephole (3 use):
You will be notified if your Matchmake targets have the same class type.

Night Abilties:
Matchmake (inf use):
Check if 2 players have the same class type. If they do they will additionaly see anonymous results of the other player tonight. The Prince and framed players don’t match with anyone. Will not see attacks, conversions or tailors.
(For example if you match a Princess with a Sheriff, the Princess will see “someone is not suspicious”, while the Sheriff will see “someone is Killer/Offensive”)

Feather Duster (2 use):
Make target player permanently immune to being framed or mindwarped.
(Meaning, any checks on Target will always show their correct results.)

Handmaiden Unseen Social, converted from Maid
Day Ability:
Prying Servants (2 use):
Discover at the end of night all players that visited target player at least once during the game, can be used on dead players.

Night Abilities:
Analyze (inf use):
Check if 2 players have the same class type. If they are you will see the results of their night actions. (Cannot target Unseen)

Spring Cleaning (1 use):
If target player dies tonight you will clear his logs making them appear as if they were default.


Might I get an explanation as to the thought process behind this?


I wanted to change Matchmake into something that’s less annoying to be found with as well as make Nosy Servants worth using. The result was the one you see in the post.
Decided that my version of Matchmake would fit more a social class so I remade both Maid and Handmaiden into social classes.
Overall I’m pretty confident in how they turned out.


Do you get any results from this?


I would assume so.


Players are compatible.
Players are incompatible.

Don’t know what to do with Pretender + MM/ CL in that scenario…


What if matchmake didn’t give any feedback. Just plain old “You tried to hook up X with Y”.


Then it would be practically useless


And why is this needed?


Reasoning here


Matchmake now gives basic “You tried hooking up targets” unless you use Peephole; then you get “Targets match/ aren’t compatible”

But why?
Short answer: without it, it would be OP.

Longer answer:
Well if matchmake gave results each night, the problem would be that it would lock killers into killer claims, make CL and MM unable to claim anything as well as confirm someone (if compared 2 killers) as the NK/Assassin if the other target claims they didn’t get any results.


I think maid could work better as an investigative, maybe matchmake could act as a parity cop, and maybe she could have an ability that lets her see if a living player visited a dead player on the night they died.


Yeah I mean being caught by a Maid is just better than being caught by a Sheriff.

A Sheriff leaves you with no way to claim out of it

A maid has multiple points of failure