[Release] ToL Deathnote Drawing Tool

Throne Of Lies Deathnote Tool - By: Dewblackio2 (aka Krohdo)

This program has been approved for public release by i42-Xblade as of 4/13/2018:
“The .au3 file is officially approved for use in-game.
While only the .au3 file is approved, use the executable at your own risk.
(the .exe file exists so you don’t have to download AutoIt)” --i42-Xblade

Terms Of Use
Using this software to draw any form of obscurities or NSFW content on your deathnote, will result in a flag against your Throne of Lies account and may result in a permanent suspension. By using this application, you agree to these terms.

Updated to Version 1.3

  • GUI Overhaul (thanks to Shrike <3)
  • More Config Options Saved
  • Grey, Orange, Teal Colors Added
  • Extreme optimizations to image processing speed
  • Option to now select background color, with tolerance to allow for images with white backgrounds to ignore background, but still contain white in the image itself
  • Donation button added for my buddy shrike, since he helped IMMENSELY with improving this project <3
  • Some minor optimizations to prevent “rouge lines” as much as possible, varries based on Computer performance
  • GUI now has minor AI logic to remeber positions it was last in and making the usage as friendly as possible

Updated to Version 1.2

  • Aspect ratios for images are now locked to prevent distorting images.
  • Input pattern, speed, and threshold values are now saved in a config file.
  • Tool now has an update check feature.
  • Draw image size, now displays the bitmap of the image rather than a rectangle.

Video Tutorial

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ Link to Github ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆


Found an Issue where users with custom set registry keys to block notifications were having difficulties with seeing important info like when to press what keybind and the stages of the drawing, I will be pushing an update shortly to have the traytips converted to messagebox notifications to prevent this occurence in the future.

hmm, how does it work?

Head over to the github link, theres a full tutorial on it in the readme section :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions, needs help, or believes to have come across a bug, please feel free to PM on discord: Dewblackio2#6950


Would do if I did.


Hey guys, just a little update here to fix a “bug” regarding the traytips.
If you do not get the notification in the bottom right of your screen saying “Shade Alteration Complete etc” after pressing Apply, continue reading.

  1. Open up the deathnote drawing tool
  2. Open any jpg image inside the tool
  3. Press Apply and let the image process
  4. Once it is done processing, Type in your search bar (next to start button) “Notifications” and press enter.
  5. check to make sure “Get Notifications from Apps and Other Senders” is ON.
  6. Next, scroll down to the bottom, until you find “ToLDeathnoteTool.exe, or ToLDeathnoteTool.au3 if using the AutoIt version”
    If you dont see the ToLDeathnoteTool.exe in there, hit apply in the app again to re-process the image again, and refresh the notifications & actions settings
  7. Make sure that is is checked to ON and then click on the label itself to open its other notification settings
  8. Set the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth ones to ON (all except the third option)

After you follow those steps you can hit apply in the deathnote tool again to re-process and see if the notifications appear now :smiley: (if for some reason they dont, contact me via discord: Dewblackio2#6950)

Happy drawing :king_good:

Can you somehow make it available in mac too?

This is something i will look into, currently auto it doesn’t support mac, but i might be able to re-create it in another language which will support it.

Downloading. Will give feedback once I use it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it possible for you to add the option to resize the window?
Otherwise good program.

By window I mean the program itself btw

The drawing is good!
I need a better computer. Sometimes it goes wayyyy laggy. Probs becuz of my old comp D:

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Why do PNGs not work btw? Anything to do with transparency (just taking a wild guess)?

Also: Why not make the 935 pixels width the default for the program? Since it’s intended to be used with the game, you might as well.

(Taking the info about the width from the github readme)

Edit 2: From what I can tell, the death note measurements are 700x900 (widthxheight) and not 935 pixels width as stated in the readme, so a bit unsure about that. (700 pixels includes the space the close button is in)

600x800 and placing your cursor in the middle of the death note seems to work well based on some tests I did.

There is some real potential in this program


Time to try to put some nsfw amazing artwork on my DN if this was ever ported to mac.

PNG’s dont work because the program was coded using autoit, and auto it’s functions for processing the bitmaps dont support the transparency which png’s can contain.

In regards to the 935 pixels, i just realized i wrote the program on a 1440p monitor (2k) resolution so the 935 is accurate if you play in 1440p (my bad :c)


Currently there is not, considering i had to create the windows GUI by hand. I will mess around and see what i can do, i might be able to dock the GUI’s controls to autosize but it may cause some things to appear out of place in certain conditions…

Ahh that makes sense.

Np, forgot to think of resolution differences :stuck_out_tongue: