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Rejoice, peasants!


For glorious Kitty has returned with secure grade and arrogance!

Bow to me, give me food, and warm the blanket for my nap.

Tl;Dr: I miss you guys ^^


Hi Dama…

Pretty sure you’re a peasant though so no bow to you from me.

Missed you really though buddy. Hope to see you soon on FoL again ^•^


33 PM



who r u tho


remember this madness?


Just kidding. Insanity is always remembered in my heart. ^-^

On a more serious note, I took the term of all forums I was in as my massive online activities began to affect my study. Some of them I quitted, while others I temporarily avoid to keep my scores and future secure. It has been a good, real month for me and I found writing as a new hobby in-between, which now I channel through roleplaying. Yet, there’s something different about joining an online community where you know each other well and talk to them very well while not actually knowing them. In other word,

I miss you guys. Hug me. Don’t be stupid. You know you love me.


Congratulations, it can take willpower to know when to step back from the internet and re-adjust.

Also, if you want to host Minority Rule 4, there’s an opening for a game :wink:

(if not I was going to anyways)


Maybe I’ll host that once the third one ends.


It did?


Third one was Meth’s wasn’t it? If so, then I guess you will be able to


is tempted to make a drug joke


I think I’ll refuse for now. A bit rusty in hosting term. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough, guess Sketch or I will probably do it eventually


I’m actually finalising a concept for an RP.
Since it’s the first one I make and it’s a bit structured, I’m pretty nervous.


ppsst I also have an RP if you wanna check that out Dama




wait, wut RP?


Please visit RP session ^^



I just made a new RP. Please post there if you’re interested!


I’ll host one but can I make it so you are in pairs and if your partner wins so do you?