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Red Scare (Gate A Batch 1)


I trust those who say 2 patriots more so I will deport.


No filthy CIA loyalists.


So is patriots a name for americans before junk food time or for russians before putin time


@Unknown Hip literally claimed non-CIA and then said I’m lying.
If anyone is CIA, it’s me


unkown is kgb lol


Dama is CIA.
Unknown KGB


CIA is the mericans, KGB is the russians
what is patriots




PKR is CIA, so you want the patriots in?

Wait so should I want the patriot in?




Fine pkr got me. It is 2 patriots one soviet. This means if all 3 kgb say no we can stop the immigrants as 3 v 3 results in noone entering.

Like pkr said, if you are CIA accept, if you are KGB deport.


Oh ok


Thanks to @Unknown for preventing me from voting wrongly


why am i higher than marl!
theres 3 soviets! marl is flat out lying!


The fact I’m the most voted to be CIA.
I can say you’re lying.


Are we allowed to whisper each other?


I kind’ve doubt it


no ofc not


I suppose, whatever will be result, this round could help us to determine the role of most people at Gate B.


Early advantage is still key.

We need to deport these Soviets.

Don’t listen to Marl or PKR, they are KGB