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Red Scare (Gate A Batch 1)


I was least voted as KGB. So, all good people, heed my call
(2 out of 14 votes on me)


Fine. If that’s the case then all KGB please deport. Clearly pkr is the CIA spokesman and says it is best for the CIA to let them in. If all KGB deport we can stop PKRs plan.


Hip is claiming KGB then.
INB4 plottwist for everyone.


EVERYONE let them in.
It’s the only way


Our great nation of Amerussia needs these 3 individuals


All I am saying is if 3 people deport I am happy. Idgaf which side you guys wanna pretend to be. If you convince the CIA to allow it all 3 KGB will deport and none will get through.




Uhh now I’m confused.

The options is between 3 patriots or 2 non patriots and a patriot, right?


3 Soviets or 1 Soviet


Right. Since it’s between that, given that one between Hippo and Marl is telling the truth, I’m voting for in.

/Vote in


Votes are secret votes in a voting phase.
1.We do not have a voting phase
2.votes are secret




Are you saying I cannot say my vote outloud for no good reason just because I want to?

I demand freedom!


You say your vote out loud.
However, that vote doesn’t count.
So you can lie about what you did.


Stop pointing out the flaw in my logic!

Can’t I be wrong without being critised?


Dama if your CIA you gotta vote no.


It is 3 soviets.


It is clear to everyone that you are a CIA agent wanting to let these two Patriots in. DEPORT.


There all soviets you hoes.



Patriots are communists right