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Red Scare (Gate A Batch 1)


True. That also applies the same to you; If the KGB Believe you, they’ll allow and not deport. Our CIA teamwork is top tier, getting these 2 patriots in early will win us the game.


If 3 people deport none of the Soviet get through…


You actually spelled patriots wrong
Everyone should allow this


lol why would everyone allow it. it is clearly a bad idea to allow for half the players.


Classic kgb am I rite


Hippo if you are REALLY CIA, I have a plan that will singlehandedly win us the game, we just need to get these 2 patriots in.


Idk this is a debate between Gate A.

Trust Marl or Nuclear.

Marl can be telling the truth

Or Hippo and Nuclear can be telling the truth.

But the second one can also mean Hippo and Nuclear are on the same side.



I haven’t claimed anything. What would I be telling the truth about?


So Nuclear is lying.

Okay this is between Marl and Hip


Nuclear is in the same gate as you. Meaning he knows nothing

Vote for marl :us:


We also don’t vote for each other.


I know, that was meant to mean place your confidence in me


You know what

/Vote Marl

Clearly this is cult.


I’m no merican so dont provoke my nationalist heart


:indonesia: :uk: uh
and wherever else! I represent all flags equally! so vote to allow! :sunglasses:


I’m just picturing us shouting at each other about the political backgrounds of everyone coming in while they are just like. “Please let me in I just want to see my family.”


“But do you identify as a soviet or a patriot tho”
“Please, I just want to see my kids.”


They’re all Soviets like Hippo says

Deport them all


I’m gonna point out that the majority of people read me as CIA.
Therefore as the CIA spokesman.
Let them in.


PKR is KGB then.

Deport them all.