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Red Scare (Gate A Batch 1)


CIA, we need to deport.

KGB, do whatever. If there is a tie, we win :stuck_out_tongue:


So Hippo appears to be CIA. Could be bluffing, though.

Marluxion is definitely KGB


My only question is how’d you manage to get all 3 KGB to agree on the same plan? Also this means my other CIA Brothers are between @Wolfy @PokemonKidRyan @Simon since NightX and Hippo are 100% KGB.

Speak up if you’re a patriot. This gate is Pat / Pat / Sov


I haven’t been communicating with my allies at all.

I do think Hippo is probably a team mate, since he told the truth.

Don’t know about the other nine people.


Why am I on this list? I haven’t claimed shit.


You were talking so I assumed you were gate b. I just realized in my earlier post that you weren’t. lel

Hippo + Night are confirmed KGB though


I want to see everyone’s reads for us folks at Gate B

  • NightX (me)
  • Hippo
  • Marl
  • PKR
  • Wolfy
  • Simon

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Vote someone if you think they are KGB


Me, PKR, Hippo, and Marl all claim to be CIA

So Marl somebody is lying.


that isn’t how it works


Wait, so they can only vote to Deport Or Allow?




I was about to say that you could only vote to deport or let through


Well, if you’re CIA ALLOW THIS Then. Since KGB will gain 1 while we gain 2.


Ye i am the dumb


PKR and marl are both stalinists pls ignore.


These are all soviets.


no u


Just remember, if even one CIA votes to Deport, the CIA are going to fall behind (because it’s unlikely we’ll have 2+ Pats in one group for the next gate. So remember; ALLOW if you are CIA.


You know the kgb are just as likely to believe you and will just deport it if you present a good argument, so either way the soviets are being deported