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Reconnecting to throne of lies


What happened? cant connect to game. get to find game click reconnect all it does is say reconnecting

What was SUPPOSED to happen? suppose to join lobby

Steps to reproduce:installed,uninstalled,restart nothing changes

Comments:feels like noone is trying to fix this getting frustrated.


mine didn’t let me connect to start page a while back…

which series of computers are you using?


its funny it was working this morning 2hrs after i stop playing it just stopped im using a cybertron computer but i find its odd that it was at 6am-7am this morning 10am just stops so im not sure what happened.


Wait for the next update or so to come out. I’ll ping @Dev-Xblade, but that’s all I can really do. He should be able to handle the rest. Best of luck!


okay thank you but looks like i saw a lot of people having same issue as me too so might be a server.