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Reasons for "UNABLE" result on Chrono swap?


Learn me a thing or two bois

Attempted swapping a delayed death from Prince to a target of his choosing, but failed twice in a row on 2 diff targets.

What would cause this ability to come back with an “unable” sys message?
Twice, for that matter?



The only reason I can think about is being occupied by someone. And even in that case, the feedback wouldn’t show the word “unable”. So, probably a bug


maybe a 2nd chronomancer redirected it already?


Not sure how that resolves, but I did try the very next night to redirect the delay. I’m thinking bug, then.

To the feedback section, and awaaaaay!


Similar to physician, it means you weren’t able to heal them. Reasons include: Inq stab, Frenzy, Reap of any type.


That would be Unable from TW