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Reaper Rework''



Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Consume soul - If you ever would die at night you will lose 1 soul and come back to life. Does not work on Prince execution. You start with 1 Soul
Passive 2: Soul Link - You may read and edit the log books of reaped players and will know their class

Day Ability 1: Icy Touch - Target player may not speak or use ability’s for the rest of the day (1 soul)
Day Ability 2: Gather Darkness - Your ability’s bypass death immunity tonight (3 souls)

Night Ability 1: Reap - Kill target player. Bypasses healing. You will gain 1 soul if successful. They will appear dead the next day (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Circle of Death - Kill everyone visiting target player. You will gain 1 soul for each player killed this way (2 souls)


If you think I threw buffs on him willy nilly then read closely. There are some nerfs in there too (but overall it’s probably a buff)




hello reaper is ok i would still never use CoD unless i wanted to become king and making gather darkness 3 souls is kinda bad especially when you can get occupied or hit a jailed target so it’s pretty meh imo


the fact that gather darkness costs 3 souls is a huge nerf ngl

2 nights of reaping just to break even

so you’ll mainly use it to reap king

but if you hit a knight that has armored then it’s -4 souls and that’s really bad


It is a huge nerf to compensate for a huge buff


/support but Icy Touch should work on voting. Do you remember the meta where people would confirm that they were chilled by spam voting?


I do and I’m expecting it and balencing accordingly


after days of hiding from the undead, you think you’re safe. You hear some chatter, so you go to the roof with your 2 friends and hear chanting. You hear this, before running back down

And forever we pray for we are

Blessed and Possessed!

notices 1 soul, not 2, but sleeps anyway

Real Shit
Also neat, I’ve always wanted to do this as Reaper. But always denied. SAD MORTEM, DEPRESSIMICUS

What about Voting REEEEEEEEE

Wtf 3 souls

Is this a nerf?

yawns again

Hey. That’s pretty good.

So to recap, Reaper farms souls, but mastermind and King makes Reaper cry.



Sidegrade. Big buffs, big nerfs, net neutralish


Seems legit


Ok now Possessor GO GO GO!~


Sir Yes Sir!


Hell yeah !


Also rename Consume Soul to Undead. Consume Soul is unoriginal.


So is undead. Also Reaper is the personification of death, not a zombie


Well what else then? Maybe Deathly Hallows(Get the reference?)?


Even less original. Consume soul is fine


Personally would make this also give reaper death immunity tbh


*make it so it can’t be stopped