Reaper Changes (by Nuke)


Neutral Killer
Passive 1: Consume soul - If you ever would die at night you will lose 1 soul and come back to life. Does not work on Prince execution. You start with 1 Soul
Passive 2: Soul Link - You may read and edit the log books of reaped players and will know their class

Day Ability 1: Icy Touch - Target player may not speak, vote or use ability’s for the rest of the day (2 souls)
Day Ability 2: Gather Darkness - Your ability’s bypass death immunity tonight (3 souls)

Night Ability 1: Reap - Kill target player. Bypasses healing. You will gain 1 soul if successful. They will appear alive the next day (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Circle of Death - Kill everyone visiting target player. (1 souls)


If you think I threw buffs on him willy nilly then read closely. There are some nerfs in there too (but overall it’s probably a buff)


hello reaper is ok i would still never use CoD unless i wanted to become king and making gather darkness 3 souls is kinda bad especially when you can get occupied or hit a jailed target so it’s pretty meh imo

the fact that gather darkness costs 3 souls is a huge nerf ngl

2 nights of reaping just to break even

so you’ll mainly use it to reap king

but if you hit a knight that has armored then it’s -4 souls and that’s really bad

It is a huge nerf to compensate for a huge buff

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/support but Icy Touch should work on voting. Do you remember the meta where people would confirm that they were chilled by spam voting?


I do and I’m expecting it and balencing accordingly

after days of hiding from the undead, you think you’re safe. You hear some chatter, so you go to the roof with your 2 friends and hear chanting. You hear this, before running back down

And forever we pray for we are

Blessed and Possessed!

notices 1 soul, not 2, but sleeps anyway

Real Shit
Also neat, I’ve always wanted to do this as Reaper. But always denied. SAD MORTEM, DEPRESSIMICUS

What about Voting REEEEEEEEE

Wtf 3 souls

Is this a nerf?

yawns again

Hey. That’s pretty good.

So to recap, Reaper farms souls, but mastermind and King makes Reaper cry.


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Sidegrade. Big buffs, big nerfs, net neutralish

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Seems legit

Ok now Possessor GO GO GO!~

Sir Yes Sir!

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Hell yeah !


Also rename Consume Soul to Undead. Consume Soul is unoriginal.

So is undead. Also Reaper is the personification of death, not a zombie

Well what else then? Maybe Deathly Hallows(Get the reference?)?

Even less original. Consume soul is fine

Personally would make this also give reaper death immunity tbh

*make it so it can’t be stopped