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Reaper can use 2 daily abilities


What happened?

Reaper could chill and empower the same day

What was SUPPOSED to happen?

Reaper should only be able to use one ability a day

Steps to reproduce:

Play reaper - have 4 souls


I checked patch notes in game - it was never announced as change.


Honestly if it’s a bug or not I’ll play it off as a feature. If you have four souls I would be fine with you using them lol


Then it should be in the patch notes somewhere. I asked in Discord - I don’t think it’s intended, and it’s a very unpleasant feature to discover mid-game as unseen


It’s not intended however I don’t think it’s necessary bad if they made it a feature.

However it should he announced it’s a feature or removed tbh but I would love to see it as a feature


It does make reaper VERY powerful, once he has souls, since he’ll be able to chill AND kill king even if king guards.


Still, he has to HAVE SOULS and losing four souls is a lot of souls.


I’m fine with reaper being powerful due to them dying if they don’t have enough souls


I believe this is an unannounced change to how their day abilities work.

Moreover, I don’t see it as a problem.


The problem is the fact that it’s unannounced and it’s a very unpleasant surprise to get in a game which is about planning how to use your skills to defeat others while you anticipate what others are going to do with their skills.


Of course they should announce it.

Just a simple psa on the next patch or something.


10% winrate
ye very powerful.


It’s powerful if used correctly :wink:


Yeah I have no problem with it, also the devs I’m sure where aware ages ago about this I doubt it’s. Bug or its getting changed.


The only real problem I have with this is the fact that it was never in patch notes, which means that it surprised me in a game where I lost because of this.