Random overwatch screenshoots

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mildly disturbing


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Can we post screenshots too?

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Overwatch is great

lol this is why i love paladins so much, the graphics are great

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Thats the wrong game fellas

this is literally warframe what are you talking about

Cmon we’re talking about minecraft here I don’t see blocks, why aren’t you using your fist to punch trees?

modded minecraft > unmodded garys mod

Damn it you know actually fortnite-

fortnite? fortnite is dead, this is clearly dead by daylight

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Damn it, you made me left 4 dead 2

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No one:
Anas: I’m too old I’m too old I’m too old I’m too old… for surprises

Me: I can aim
Also me: Hand jelly

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Mercy/Tracer/D.Va/Sombra/Brig very popular on that order
and heroes usually have more search on their country of origin (Spain and Mexico have it for Sombra, China has it for Mei, Brazil and Italy (???) have it for Lucio, Korea has it for D.Va, Japan has it for Genji, France has it for Widowmaker, UK has it for Tracer and India has it for Symmetra)
Notable exceptions are Russia/EUA who both massively search on Mercy instead on their heroes of origin

It’s because of the hentai.

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