Random interest check

Would you be interested in playing a 72/24 28p closed semi-rolemadness game if I were to host one on the Town of Salem Forums

  • ye
  • nah

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  • I’m fine with 72/24
  • I’d prefer 48/24
  • I’d only play 48/24

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The mods there are scared a game that large will not fill even though I said I could probably nab some extra players

So we’ll see how many extras I could realistically nab ig

@katze you’ve gotta play somewhere else someday my dude

idec if it’s here or not

but at some point



one day™️

I would play if it needed players but I wouldn’t actively seek it out

well why the fuck do you think I’m asking

48/24 and I might bite

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Either I get a bunch of people who say they’re interested or I cut the game down from 28p to 19p

And that’s no fun for anyone

I’ll backup either way since it still seems interesting

I negotiated down to 72 from 120 already lel

This as well

Know what

Another poll option

120 hour days sounds like actual hell

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Is it plurality?
Or Maj + Plu

it works if people only come on a couple times per day

it’s meant for people with shit schedules

I wouldn’t exist after like 50 hours I would get bored and stop playing entirely

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