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Quotes That Do Not Age Well


Let’s dig up old shit and poke fun at the people we know and love

Bonus points if it’s one of my posts

(Do not use this to re-start arguments - comedy only!)


That hasn’t aged well


This was also a mistake




This doesn’t age well.


I still love this post


Even better that the fire mafia are the bad guys here and not the “Serial killing” element (which is also equated with the air nomads.)


The only reason they made Soldier 76 gay was to virtue signal change my mind


It’s the fire nation attacked meme

What’s a virtue signal


It’s where you blindly give a character a positive trait and then say “Look, they’re a good guy! That trait is good!”


I think it was queerbait but since they actually put it into media they are pardoned


I’m not ready to be a main character



I remember arguing with Max about that


This quote doesn’t age well and I got bonus points



This quote doesnt age well


False quoting is a punishable offense


Good thing Its not false


:policeman: What happened citizen?


He wants you to punish him if you know What I mean