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Questions regarding Princess and possible bug


I just have a question regarding the mechanics of the Princess. Say a Princess flirts a class (example would be sheriff) and they turn out to be Special/ Investigative. Suppose an MM were to convert that sheriff the next night. If a Princess were to late flirt the sheriff(now turned into Assasin) again, would he still remain Special/investigative or would he change into a different category such as Killer/Offensive?

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I believe that an answer to my question could lead me to discover a bug(Or not).


I believed that the investigative result also changed.


You see them as what they currently are.
If they are an Assassin, you see them as Killer/Offensive.
If they’re a Marshal or a Sheriff, you see them as Special/Inves.

The only exception is when a scorned or fool frames someone. Framed targets always come up Killer/Offensive.


Thank you for your replys much appreciated :slight_smile: I now know there is a bug with Princess .