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Question on Throwing


Hey all! Just a weird game outcome and Im not sure this was throwing or no. Im really stymied on it lol.

I was possessor (#5) posing as prince (Just taken over him so he was confirmed)
#4 was MM
#9 was Unseen King
#15 was butler

I told them I was jailing #4. Butler said “Well then I guess Ill occupy 5”. I said “Dont, occupy 4 just in case I mess up”.

TLDR - Butler occupied me, MM converted butler, and they voted me off the island.

Fine, I dont mind dying. But to me, the butler threw by occupying a prince instead of a known evil (There was a dead NK in our list and no one suspected the NK was still alive) just to get converted since we knew King and 4 were unseen.

Anywhoo - Just wondering on your thoughts?


It all depends on the intention. Clearly his motivation was one not of seeing his own faction (BD) lose by occupying you.

Bad play (occupying a confirmed prince) doesn’t equal gamethrowing.


He thought you were prince who was jailing 4 though


there wasn’t anyone else to occupy


Yeah what Firekitten said. I was Pretender that game (#14). You were the only person the Butler could occupy, so he did it to prove to you that he was Butler.


Even when I said to occupy 4 in case I mess up?


No, he did what he thought was best for him to do, try occ the prince to confirm himself.


Also he could have correctly suspected Possessor (or at least wanted to cover for the possibility just in case).


the real throw is butler not poisoning king D4 here tbh


Assuming this happened


he did poison me as soon as i became king

pretender is such a stupid class


I don’t get the claim there… “In case I mess up?” Did I miss an update, how can one mess up jailing? I don’t think I’d have followed that order either way.

Maybe if you tried to talk him into partying you’d have given him a good excuse

Also always silly when people call gamethrowing under the “But I was confirmed *****” when you were the exception to the confirmation. Confirmed ___ means there’s no possible way you aren’t. If it’s a possesor game… and the occ immune prince was acting afraid of being occupied, that’s pretty fishy.


Sorry for the long delay in answering -

In case I mess up means -

In the last 10 seconds of the day you cannot jail someone. I was playing for time by saying in case I bugged or couldnt get the jail to work. It was a Just in Case of shit happening to make sure - type of situation

Also, yeah I know what you mean by you cant be confirmed. What I meant by that was I was as confirmed as I could be under the circumstances. The other guy was 100% MM. And NK was in the death logs (I had swapped with someone and made it look like Prince had killed poss).

Either way.