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Question on new rules with confusing situation


So with the new rule changes on Redirection immunity being nerfed, what happens if

Drunk debs possessor into Hunter

Court Wizard empowers Drunk

Possessor puppet strings Drunk into Hunter

Hunter bears?


Hunter doesn’t have bear anymore


he does


Wait nvm then
I’m crazy


Nothing happens except hunter dying… The drunk is making the possessor string hunter into himself (the hunter again), and therefore attacks and bears against himself.


Ok cuz I died to hunter is what actually happened.


Cuz plant is wrong. Drunk redirects the target on the left. So you forced Possessor to control you into Hunter


TBH that fact should be in the tips somewhere


The drunk forced poss to hunter though

so hunter > hunter possess


can we just have every interaction listed somewhere?


Its fine either way, I was just confused how the interaction should work lol.

So basically if I had chosen to force possessor into King instead of hunter, It would have made possessor force me to attack King?


Drunk redirects the second target.

So Poss:
Target 1: Drunk
Target 2: X -> Hunter (may or may not have originally targeted Hunter. It doesn’t matter)


So much for “simplification” of the game.


Lol. Can’t have everything. Although this was actually already unexplained


It was only unexplained because it was an impossible situation, as Poss had redirection immunity.


No quite. There are other 2 target abilities leading to the same question


Cough make all interactions clear