Question on Chrono Vs Reaper

What happened -

d3 - I use PD on myself. Nothing happens that day (We hung someone innocent I think lol)
n3 - I use TW on sheriff - Im reaped (Not empower reaped according to the reaper), PD doesnt trigger.

My suggestion -

If the reap isnt empowered, PD should trigger and save the chrono for 2 days.

Sorry if this is a weird way of explaining, Im trying to post this while on pain meds for surgery lol. Anyway…

TLDR; Pocket Dimension should work on non-empowered Reap.

PD explicitly doesn’t work on things that bypass healing.

Reap explicitly bypasses healing.

This is the appropriate outcome of these mechanics


Thanks for clearing that up mate!

Heres another weird question then - I didnt want to post a new topic if Im just dumb. (Possible)

I was king, got poisoned on d4. n5 I die, butler who poisoned me got converted. n6 - butler (now invoker) doesnt die to suicide?

Shouldnt the suicide take precedent and kill him even with the conversion since he was bd at the time of the poison?


No since the butlers now cult

Short answer for a question that’s a bit more in depth. Is it just due to a more thing? Or is there a reason it function s this way instead of like all the other while work? (I e poison)

the guys a invoker now so he has no remorse for poisoning the good king why would a now evil person feel guilty to the point of suicide while killing bd before turning evil